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Official American Idol site - Official Fox website for American Idol

Official Canadian Idol site - Official CTV website for Canadian Idol

Official Australian Idol site - Official website for Australian Idol

Television Without Pity - Read the famous American Idol recaps and join the snark in the forums.
The Canadian and Australian Idol threads are located on the Competitive Reality Shows forum.

Idol Forums - Message boards for everything Idol.
Links to high-quality video and audio are accessible for members

Idol Media/CI Songs - Home of American Idol, Canadian Idol and Australian Idol video clips

CI Chat - Yahoo group with access to good quality Canadian Idol audio

Canadian Idol.Info - Unofficial Canadian Idol site

Inside Australian Idol - Unofficial fan site for Australian Idol

It's Destiny.net - Entertainment website with heavy American and Canadian Idol coverage

Foxes on Idol - Articles and recaps for American and Canadian Idol

Beavers on Idol - Articles and recaps for Canadian and American Idol

Sir Links A Lot - Links and articles on favorite topics, including American Idol, Canadian Idol, Australian Idol and Pop Idol

Reality TV Links - A directory to reality TV on the web

Canadian Hits Radio - Internet radio station featuring the music of Canadian Idol contestants, as well as other Canadian musicians

Idol Waves - Internet radio station featuring the music of American Idol contestants

Behind the Scenes at Canadian Idol - Reader's Digest article, Sept. 2004

American Dreamz
American Dreamz : In Theaters April 21
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